The Only Apps Exclusively Focused on Downtown Areas & Businesses

The World's Gone Mobile!

Downtown Apps  helps local area businesses  engage with customers through thier mobile devices – the one item that in today’s world nobody leaves home without.

Be Found By New Customers

By listing your business in the Dowtown App, you can be found by new customers that you never knew existed .

Keep New and Existing Customers Coming Back

In the palms of their hands, whenever and wherever they go, they can find your business, your specials and you events right in the app.


  • In an instant, just by opening the Downtown App  people can have access to the best deals, special offerings, loyalty programs,  offered just for them by downtown businesses!
  • They don’t need anything else but the Downtown App!
  • Never before has been keeping informed about Events  taking place downtownbeen easier.  Right in the app mobile users have instant access to all of the best upcoming events downtown, all in one centralized place, thier mobile phones!
  • People can save money all of our town at over 100 local businesses, and gain access to special offers just for them!
  • Special offers, One Day Deals, Loyalty Rewards,  Push Notifications, Coupons pages and more.  All on their mobile phones which people have with them 24/7
  • Move over Google, I’ve got my Downtown App! People on the go can instantly find, and contact downtown local businesses of all kinds. They can view business descriptions, images, menus, specials, all without ever needing to do a search on Google while on the go.
  • Smartphone users can find local businesses they never even knew existed. What can be even better? Finding special offerings, one day only deals in advance, weekly specials, coupons, loyalty programs and more only available to them in the Downtown App.
  • With over 70 local business promoting the app to area visitors, and offering special sales, one day deals, loyalty programs events, coupons and more, never before has there been a more valuable app for people in or coming to the downtown area.
  • You can find new customers that you never knew existed. By default when people on the go access the downtown app to take advantage of a special offer at another local business downtown, they can find your business and your special offer
  • Keep  your business in front of people in and out of the area. You business description page is at the heart of the app. It describes your business and entices customers and potential customers to take action.
  • Your business is beautifully listed with easy click to call button, click to find you button, click to your website button and click to like you on facebook. Images and your business description are included. Entice customers to vist you with special offers.
  • Mobile users take action, meaning they call, visit and purchase from businesses they find  in the downtown app.
  • What’s good for mobile users of the downtown app is good for your business. Never before has there been a better tool to bring new customers to your business.
  • By being prominately featured in the downtown app you gain exposure to new people and new customers. Our Easy share button allows people to share your offer, your coupon, your loyalty program or even the app itself with thier friends and family. You will grow your customer base!
  • With over 70 local downtown business promoting the app to area visitors, offering special sales, one day deals, loyalty programs, events, coupons and more, never before has there been a more powerful way to attract new customers to your business.

How do you reach your current customer base and expand to new ones?

Reach them with all the most popular, cutting edge, mobile marketing techniques on the planet…
 in 1 Mobile App with multiple channels that targets your local area!

 No Contract

No Obligations

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Cancel Anytime


Take advantage of the raw power of Mobile Marketing to your local area and beyond!  Act now and sign up your business today!

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